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Plan of Action.

What’s this? A new research direction that isn’t vague?!

The towns are SO very diverse, even for such a small area! They house era’s worth of information, with changes to life and land between them. Their individual origins and reasons for existing have now evolved, through temporary and permanent situations, to arrive at something that resembles the North Norfolk Coast.

So now, a way of organising this wealth of knowledge needs to be formulated. And here’s the result:

Wider Context through the ages

Factual info about anything in between Cromer and Greater Yarmouth (focus on the coastal towns, BUT NOT exclusively; include inland) with a focus on:

Broad trends

Population (doomsday book up to 2001 census)

Notable interesting points/features in the history or landscape of the village/area

(Pictorial –  rail/road links, trade/market links, settlement, dangerous coast (lifeboat/lighthouse/shipwreck), change in coastline, lost villages, land use, building density)

Case Studies

Specific examples that show general trends/odd extremes with a focus on:

Wider relation to context (all above links, whether physical or implied use), then zoom…

Pictorial/Visual change (aerial?, as it was, as it is, photo series)

History of town (notable people/events/buildings/info, industry, development)


Before I forget, all this will (hopefully) be mirrored with an ‘across the pond’ equivalent study! This will  give further insight into the effects of coastal erosion. And back…

North Norfolk Coast

The map version of the North Norfolk Coast

Norfolk Towns for further investigation:

Trimingham, Paston, Happisburgh, Sea Palling, Winterton-On-Sea, Hemsby, Caister-On-Sea and Great Yarmouth

of these 8, 3 will be selected for the case study depending on the history and insight that can be given.

Til then!



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