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Project 4 Coastal Erosion.

The intention of this project includes, but is not limited to, monitoring/observing/accelerating/decelerating/reversing the coastal erosion at the North Norfolk Coastal region.

We can choose to intervene or just watch. Watching can involve a descriptive/changeable architecture. Intervening (whether immediately or after a number of years of erosion) can be in either a landward or seaward direction.

The first look.


The theme of initial study and research for the split unit I’m in. The large amount of information to trawl through is separated among smaller groups to allow for a final and thorough amalgamated research document.

Looking at social changes that are affected by or affect the history.


The coast is changing. The coast is receding. The safety of land with it.

Buildings are being dragged into the sea with the land it is reclaiming. Natural conditions have led to what was once a town far from the beach being at the mercy of a cliff edge. At 1m a year, the erosion is severe and nowhere is it felt more strongly than the community of Happisburgh (‘haze-bruh’ or haze-buruh’ for those of us with an accent  :P).

A plan will help to draw up research avenue conclusions…so that’s next.


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