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What is this place?!

An architectural solution can easily be implanted on the landscape. And contrary to popular belief, most proposals will most likely look reasonable since everyone knows the rough typology and architecture available in the UK. However, that would be conceptually pointless and far too easy!

So, instead, how about ACTUALLY looking at the area. Researching it, understanding it, getting a feel for what this town is like. Going through enough context that upon arrival in the site visit, it will feel like you’d been there before. Going through enough accounts and photos and texts that even the tiniest detail, such as unrecognizable¬†beach rock, will excite you.

SO here we are. How do I get to that stage. Starting is always the hardest point. And cue Wikipedia. The basis for which much research begins. An easy, albeit concise read of every town and village from Great Yarmouth all the way upto Cromer produces a striking map of the now and some interesting facts of the past.

Town Mapping

The process of quick research that gives an overview

This gives a strong line of insight, and from there distinct avenues of research can be pursued.


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