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Presentation Layout

The final towns chosen for the case study in Norfolk ended being Happisburgh, Sea Palling and Caister-on-Sea.

They each have a focus which shows an influence and its effects.

For Happisburgh, this influence is the dutch/flemish styles and the arts and craft architecture that evolved. For Sea Palling, it’s more a focus on the reusing of materials due to the Haisbrough Sands nearby (causing shipwrecks) and the brickworks that existed for a substantial period. And finally, Caister-on-Sea,  which will showcase how the railway impacted on the culture and architecture due to tourism.

The General template of the layout is shown below:

Research Layout

The way in which the final presentation will be presented

It will combine the American/Canadian equivalent case studies so as to provide a comparative insight.

A minimalist style with informative photos/series and minimal text will provide an easy to use layout, while a blog will allow for easy access to the information before hand, giving those in the crit beforehand information.

Potential font:


So much choice...

Maximum 2 text fonts will be used, one for titles, and one for the bulk of text (which can be increased in size/bold etc). Other fonts may be used on maps/photos for ambience/effects where they are not intended mainly for reading.

Minimal colour scheme maybe a faded blue/green palette or faded autumn colours.

Let the fun begin 😛


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